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 The twin relation ship and cooperation with Arab Towns/cities
 A Twin relation with Cairo in 1976 
 The Twin relation ship and cooperation with European towns/cities
 A Twin relation with Madzara Dal Vallo, in 1973
 A cooperation chart with Saint Nazar, France
 A cooperation chart with Avero, Portugal
 A cooperation chart with Haute Savoi, France

 Membership in International Organizations

 Membership in the Harbour city Net
 Membership in the Arab city Organization
 Membership in the Muslin city Organization
 Membership in the international United cities organization
 Membership in the UNESCO
 The main achievements of Mahdia Municipality in International and Foreign relations.

 Visit exchanges to acquaint foreigners with the culture and the civilization of Mahdia.
The choice of Mahdia as a Mediterranean sample town in the international   Meeting held in Mahdia from the 21st to the 24th of June 1999 about small coastal Historical towns.
 Continual Urban Evolution.

 The laboratory house creation in the old Medina by co-operating with the regional council, the engineering institute in Nantes, UNESCO, the Tunisian engineering institute, and the Medina Safety Association.
 The project consists in building quality, traditional re-building, and training native constructors specialized in the field. (free masonry).

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